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TELUS Fleet Complete

TELUS Fleet Complete

GPS Fleet Tracking Solution

TELUS Fleet Complete is a unique fleet, asset, and mobile workforce solution which provides you with the ability to track and manage your vehicles
and mobile workers, and optimize your operations in a single cloud-based platform.

TELUS Alert and Assist

Telus Alert and Assist

Lone Worker Safety

Protect your greatest asset – your employees. The TELUS Alert and Assist suite of solutions helps your business be proactive about lone worker safety.

  • Access reports for comprehensive data on worker locations and safety
  • Workers can easily set customized check-in schedules with proactive reminders
  • Rest assured that in an emergency, any mobile worker can send an alert message at the touch of a button

Connected Vehicle

Connected Vehicle

TELUS Drive+

Plug-in the OBDII accessory and download the app to get real-time information such as vehicle location, driving behaviour and speed alerts.

View a vehicle's current location on a map and set up geo-fences to send notifications when drivers leave a defined area. Get acceleration, braking and odometer tracking to monitor driver behaviour.

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